Science Unit 1 – Our Five Senses



Science Unit 2 – Living and  Non-living Things











Science Unit 3 – Weather Watchers



Other Areas to Explore!




Healthy Eating

Explore the Food Pyramid (game)

Nutrition Explorations

Choose My Plate


Calculate How Many Calories you should eat each day

Team Nutrition


Nourish interactive food pyramid

Common Sense Food Chart


Calories in Foods

Staying Healthy

Calories in Fast Foods

The Digestive System

How Your Body Works

Some interactive options on the Digestive System

Great Video that explains how the digestive system works

Go Green!

Because we love learning about the Solar System!


A Planetary Guide to Outer Space!

Special Thanks to Ms. Ford’s class at Cleary Mountain ES for sharing this site!

Find Your Inner Astronaut

Thanks to Ms. Deleon’s class!

Print Solar System Coloring Pages -- solarsystem

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Coloring Fun ... Solar System


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